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Create your email list using Instagram DM automation.

Create your email list using Instagram direct messaging is a seriously underrated sales and marketing technique. If you’re already on Instagram, but you aren’t using email & SMS to make sales, you only need to understand a few basic tricks, which we can implement for you using DM automation.

Instagram influencers are already making bank using DM automation.

Imagine being able to instantly target 1000 of your best prospects and get their attention almost immediately. That’s what building an email & SMS list with DM automation allows you to do in any market.

No waiting or wondering if your marketing is working…you’ll know instantly by getting real guaranteed traffic to your offers.
Now, I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that “The Money is in the List”. Although it’s a bit cliche…it’s also very true.

Having databases that you can tap into are so important, that companies are willing to pay millions or even billions just for the database alone.

They know that by having a list of consumers, they control attention and create a distribution channel to market offers to.

No Matter What You Do, Email Marketing Should ALWAYS Be A Part of Your Strategy

Email is still the #1 marketing channel today. Statistics prove this. So if you’re not using this effectively or at all…you should start now.

If you’re a digital marketer, you can sell your own products or affiliate products.

If you’re into e-commerce, you can announce new products you’ve added to your store.

If you want a simple way of using email marketing for your business and are looking to get results quickly, then our platform can help with that.

It lets you legally market to email lists that you didn’t have to spend time, or money, building yourself.

Yes! There’s NO NEED to waste money on advertising when you can tap into your own loyal followers for free, plus they WANT to hear from you!

It’s a true win/win in my opinion.

DM Me “Welcome” to see how automation works…

If this is something that you want to implement for your business, and I can’t see why you wouldn’t want more sales for less effort, book a call with David where we can discuss how DM automation can benefit you.

If you have questions please contact us here, or using Messenger with the link below.