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The Facebook Messenger chat-box has been installed on this website to enable you to connect with us in a convenient manner. We have also installed a Messenger link in the footer and on the contact page if the chat-box doesn’t load.

We have noticed from experience, and much initial frustration, that the chat-box does not display if you have an ad blocker installed. Our’s is AdGuard Ad Blocker. When first installing the Messenger plug-in I could not understand why it would not display. After having disabled all my plug-ins, cleared my cache, tearing out what little hair I have left and cursing somewhat, I had a flash of inspiration. I disabled AdGuard for this website, and Bingo!. The chat-box displayed perfectly. Huge sigh of relief.

Therefore take this as a word of warning to all my visitors, and those WordPress and website builders out there who may be experiencing the same frustrations I went through. Turn off you ad blockers if you want to use the Facebook Messenger chat-box plug-in.

If you have any further questions or comments on this article please Contact Us, or use the Messenger link below:-

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Chat soon,
David James Salvidge