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Messenger sequences can be very powerful in marketing any business, particularly in the catering, fitness and hospitality industries.

The disruptions to the world economy caused by reactions to the Covid19 virus have hit this industry extremely hard. Many businesses, both large and small, will not survive this year. This is through no fault of their own. When a business has no customers, is not allowed to open to serve customers it may have, or is restricted to the number or method it can serve customer when allowed to open, enforce financial disaster.

I think that it is fair to say that the vast majority of people want to get back to the way they lived life in 2019 as fast as possible. Admittedly working from home, thus avoiding the daily commute and office politics, must have major advantages to both employees and employers.

It’s the social mix that’s missing. We humans are social animals. We, mainly, enjoy other people’s company. It’s great to be able to go to a busy restaurant or bar and have an enjoyable meal and drink with friends, family or workmates. That’s part of what makes life pleasant.

Given the right circumstances, and enterprising business owner can utilise Messenger Sequences and Messenger Marketing to connect with their existing customers, as well as reaching out to new people. There are an infinite number of ways that Messenger sequences can be written to boost customer interaction with their businesses. All it takes is imagination, and the ability to provide the technology to run sequences.

We, here at Padco Marketing, along with our partners at Borneo Bots & Business can provide any business with the benefits of our technology and limited imagination. We have pre-written Messenger Sequences that can be used and edited to suit your individual requirements. We can also write new sequences to fulfill your specific needs. The possibilities are not quite endless as we do have to work within the rules set down by Facebook, but they are not too onerous. Currently Messenger Marketing is much easier, and much more profitable, then Facebook Advertising alone.

Padco Marketing is currently offering a Three Months FREE Trial of one of it’s simple Messenger Sequences. Two of these are primarily in the restaurant and cafe sector for collecting reviews and booking tables, but are suitable for many other industries, hospitality in particular. The third choice is aimed at the Gym and fitness sector, but again can be suitable for hotels and other areas such as yoga, spa’s etc.

If you are interested in participating in this Three Months FREE Trial you can check out the details Here.

3 Months FREE Trial Using Messenger
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Try a Messenger Sequence – When Messenger opens click “Get Started” at the bottom of your screen.

We look forward to working with you to build up your business this year using Messenger Marketing.

To Your success,

David James Salvidge