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Marketing is the act of changing beliefs with the intent of making a sale.

Marketers must ensure that there is a general belief that the product can do what it claims it can. (It does what it says on the tin.)

Your purchaser must be convinced that they can do it too, and it solves their most immediate problem. (That’s just what I need.)

Your Prospects must be convinced that the product will work and that they can afford it. The bigger the problem the higher the price paid to resolve it.

Sales is the act of presenting the offer and overcoming objections.

Closing is the sequence of having logical reasons why you should act now. This act is 100% emotional, but the brain thinks it’s logical.

Cash is the by-product of marketing.

All businesses need cash, so all businesses need marketing. A lack of cash in a business is a strong indicator of poor or miss-spent marketing.

The Definition of a Marketer is:-
1. One that promotes or sells 
a product or service in or to a market
2. A Person who fixes sh1t you can't
Padco Marketing
The Definition of a Marketer is 1 or 2?

Padco Marketing believes that the successful modern marketer needs to be a Funnel Hacker to guide the customer through a logical sales sequence based on relevant or related products. It is When this logical sequence is aligned with the desires and needs of the customer that then a satisfactory outcome for both parties will occur.

Padco Marketing will be focused predominantly on Messenger Marketing in 2021. Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing (or Multi Level Marketing – MLM) are also activities we are active in. The process for all of these business models is almost identical, as in most of these situations the end cart is closed to you. You must control the prospect before you send them to the company sales or order page. It is during these early stages that you can influence the prospect to use your link, as opposed to any other, ad obtain their contact details on the way. These processes can also be used by commission only sales people who point potential customers to an order page.

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