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Print On Demand systems from Podiums Agency, by Padco Marketing, are designed specifically for people struggling in the e-commerce marketplace. 95% of e-commerce stores fail to either make any profit or fail totally within a year of starting. It is the intention of the Podiums Agency, working with trusted partners, to help those struggling e-commerce stores survive and become profitable in the long term.

Isn’t Podiums an odd name for an e-commerce business?

Not really, and here’s why….

P – Print

O – On

D – Demand

I – Internet’s

U – Ultimate

M – Merchandise

S – System

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Whether your e-commerce store is on Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, GrooveKart, Gear Bubble Pro and many other platforms, we can offer you a better quality product range. All with a one click installation. You can get higher margins, on a cheaper platform and access to exclusive traffic sources that are much cheaper than Facebook.

You’ll gain accounts with some of the best USA based Print on Demand fulfilment services available. These are companies that you’d probably never be able to work with without an introduction through our network of contacts.

If you want to design your own merchandise we can arrange for top quality professional designers to work for you to make the best of your ideas and designs. Already have designs? No problem. As long as our manufacturers can access your files they can quote for you.

We can arrange Print on Demand for all the most popular categories. Mugs, water bottles & beer can wraps, apparel, kids clothes jewellery, canvas art and footwear across 32 product types, with more products consonantly being added. Currently we have over 180,000 high quality designs available for you to use.

Are you looking for new ideas? You will have access to proprietary research software that will assist you in your due diligence.

Our services are available to e-commerce stores worldwide. All Print on Demand fulfilment companies we work with will ship worldwide, so be sure to compensate for the shipping costs in your pricing structure.

ShineOn Jewellery for top quality handcrafted and personalised goods on demand without inventory
ShineOn Jewellery for top quality handcrafted and personalised goods

If your business requires a source of top quality jewellery then look no further than ShineOn. ShineOn, with it’s brand new factory in Florida, enables you to sell Handcrafted and Personalized Goods, On-Demand, Without Inventory.

On top of all the practical assistance you will also have full access to an e-commerce Academy and all of our Boot Camp Trainings. This gives you access to 7 Figure traffic training you will not find anywhere else. Easy access to our Complimentary Advisors to help you on your way to success. You are also invited to join our Facebook community for learning and business motivation.

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Podiums Agency presents the Winner of the Best Print on Demand e-commerce Package 2021
Podiums Agency presents the Winner of the Best Print on Demand e-commerce Package 2021

Join with Podiums Agency to ensure that 2021 will be your best year in e-commerce. Better than you can manage on your own..

To Your Success,

David James Salvidge

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