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The White Dragon emblem of Wessex, England is the logo & flag of Padco Marketing, an Anglo Iban Joint Venture Business Partnership based near Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia.

The Dragon symbol is believed to have originated in China and was brought to the original Saxon tribes from Rome. When the Saxons migrated to Britain they brought the White Dragon with them.

This is a link to a brief history of the Saxon White Dragon for those interested in ancient history, folklore and legends.

White Dragon Flag, adopted as the logo of Padco Marketing
White Dragon Flag

Also read a Wikipedia page about the ancient Kingdom of Wessex.

My personal connection with Wessex is that I was born in Winchester, capitol of Wessex and one time capitol of England under William the Conqueror and William Rufus before being moved to London.

I also lived for a few years in Wantage, Oxfordshire, which in around 848 was the birth place of Alfred the Great, King of Wessex 871-899.

All my traceable ancestors, going back 350 years, were all from Wessex

All three White Rajahs of Sarawak are buried in St Leonard’s Church in the village of Sheepstor, Devon, which was (is) part of Wessex.