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Simply Free Vacations Terms and redemption rules. should be understood before you commence the booking process.

This is how the complimentary vacation works:

You have 18 months to enjoy this incentive so you do not need your travel dates confirmed today to get started.

You must activate your Hotel stay within 7 days of receiving the email from Simply Free Vacations by simply paying the recovery costs for the local government taxes and tourism fees. After 7 days your vacation offer expires.

Check your email (inbox, spam, or junk folder) after activation for an email from vacations @ containing the link you need to redeem your complimentary vacation.

​The next step is simply log in to Redeem Your Vacation, Select your preferred travel dates and view available Hotels or Resorts.

For the Best Hotel / Resort options and availability search for weekday travel with check-in from Sunday to Thursday. Hotels and Resorts are often busier at weekends so some weekends may have limited availability or small surcharges.

​You will have a certain time period specified in the email (please check your inbox and spam/junk folder as it comes from a third-party vendor) to activate and pay for the nominal taxes and fees. These currently range from $19.00 to $44.14 USD per night for International Destinations (outside the USA). In the USA Destination fees range from $28.12 to $69.95 USD per night. Taxes and fees are subject to change, as they are nominally set by Governments.

​Once taxes and fees are paid, you have up to 18 months to reserve and use your complimentary vacation. Please make sure you do not let it expire, as ​certain holidays and special events may have limited or no availability. We do want you to enjoy your complimentary hotel stay!

​Each vacation is designed as a couple’s getaway. The majority of available room types will be for up to 2 adults, as these are the most common hotel room configurations. Single travelers are also welcome.

Adding children may reduce your hotel options or available date selections. Some destinations may not have room configurations with availability for children.

​GROUP travel is NOT allowed. Only 1 party among friends, family, acquaintances, or known groups can use the complimentary vacation incentive for the same or overlapping travel dates.

You are only entitled to claim 1 complimentary domestic USA and 1 complimentary International vacation in any 365-day period, commencing from the date of your 1st booking.

The hotel may ask you for a refundable deposit or credit card to cover any additional expenses. This is common practice, not just for complimentary stays.

During your stay only the room costs are complimentary. All other costs incurred, including minibar, room service, laundry, restaurant bills, excursions, etc are at your own expense.

Travel to and from your complimentary hotel vacation location is not included.

If you have any questions about the Simply Free Vacations Terms, please contact us via the contact form on the website.

Thank you for visiting. We can’t wait to get you on your complimentary vacation.

You’ll be able to choose from 30 USA destinations or 80 international destinations.

All hotels have at least a 4+ Star Ranking on TripAdvisor.

You are not required to attend any Timeshare presentation.

If you’re also interested in providing unlimited vacations to attract and retain employees and clients, reach out to Simply Free Vacations.

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