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Get Your Spocket 14 Day Free Trial with leading US & EU dropshipping product suppliers after watching the video below:-

Get Your Spocket 14 Day Free Trial with leading US & EU dropshipping product suppliers

Read the script, with timestamps

Scene 1 (0s)
[Audio] In this video, I want to show you why you should Access Spocket’s 14 Day Free Trial with leading US & EU Dropship Product Suppliers to build a profitable online business.

Scene 2 (12s)
[Audio] In 2021, ecommerce is set to hit an astounding 4.9 TRILLION dollars. This explosive growth is way ahead of schedule and has created impressive opportunities that didn’t exist 4 years ago when Spocket was founded. Because of this foresight, you can now tap into a framework that allows you to create a business that profits from this growth, while most of the work is done for you. That’s one of the beauties of the dropshipping retail model.

Scene 3 (43s)
[Audio] Spocket currently enables over 40,000 entrepreneurs, across five continents, to launch and scale their online stores, with a focus on US and EU supplied products. With the help of Machine Learning, Spocket is revolutionizing the dropshipping market and helping online retailers compete with Amazon, and other major online retailers, by removing the need to hold inventory, and eliminating most of the initial investment costs for online retailers. By carefully vetting suppliers, merchants and customers can be ensured the fast shipping of products with consistent quality. To help build loyalty, branded invoicing is available from certain suppliers, and a world-class customer support team is available to all Spocket customers.

Scene 4 (1m 31s)
[Audio] Be part of the revolutionary vision of Spocket’s founders, which is to remove inventory from the online physical retail industry, by using the dropshipping model and fixing the $ 1.1 trillion issue called inventory distortion. That’s an issue equivalent in size to Australia’s GDP!

Inventory distortion is the situation where you have too many products that don’t sell, and too few of the products that do. Being out of stock of products that customers want not only results in lost sales, but potentially lost customers as well. If your customer can get that product from another retailer it will be more difficult to get them back in the future. I’m sure that you can relate to this from your own experience. I know that I have changed my shopping preferences, both online and on the main street when my usual retailer doesn’t stock what I want or need.

Scene 5 (2m 27s)
[Audio] In a little while, I’m going to run through all the benefits of owning your very own dropshipping business, plus the one major benefit that most people overlook. So what are the pros & cons of dropshipping? Whilst writing for this video I thought of 30 advantages that dropshipping has, but could only think of 6 disadvantages. Not only that, all 6 disadvantages can be overcome by using Spocket!

Scene 6 (2m 55s)
[Audio] So let’s get the disadvantages out of the way first.

Scene 7 (3m 1s)
[Audio] Slim margins – this applies to any retail. Supermarket margins can be as low as 2%. Pick your products carefully and keep a close eye on your margins & shippings costs and slim margins can be an issue for your competitors

Scene 8 (3m 19s)
[Audio] Order processing can be difficult – Spocket has seamless order processing in place

Scene 9 (3m 27s)
[Audio] Lack of control over several issues, including:-

Scene 10 (3m 36s)
[Audio] Lack of control over product supply – Spocket keeps tabs on oversupply numbers so you only need to list products with good stock levels.

Scene 11 (3m 46s)
[Audio] Lack of control over product quality – Spocket vets all suppliers to ensure product quality and many allow you to order samples before you list them so you can be sure of what you’re selling.

Scene 12 (3m 58s)
[Audio] Lack of control over product deliverability – Sometimes bad things happen. Spocket deals with all suppliers so can identify problems and you can notify your customers before they get upset.

Scene 13 (4m 12s)
[Audio] Customer service challenges when things go wrong – Sometimes bad things happen. Spocket deals with all suppliers so are able to identify problems and you can then notify your customers before they get upset. So you can see that most of these disadvantages can be overcome or mitigated. Ask your friendly local business how they deal with their obstacles, and compare them to what you’re likely to encounter in your dropshipping business.


Margins Can Be Slim

Order processing can be difficult

Lack of control over:-

Product Supply

Product Quality

Product Deliverability

Customer Services Challenges

Scene 14 (4m 42s)
[Audio] Well, that’s got the disadvantages out of the way, and they weren’t as bad as some people make them out to be. Systems tend to overcome obstacles, and Spocket is good at implementing systems.

Scene 15 (4m 56s)
[Audio] Looking at the list of, about 30, advantages of starting and operating a dropshipping business I think that we can condense them down into a much more manageable manner in the next few minutes.

Many Benefits of Dropshipping – Get Your Spocket 14 Day Free Trial with leading US & EU dropshipping product suppliers

Minimises Risk as Costs Known in Advance

Lower Operating Costs, Potentially Profitable

Low Cost to Entry & No Inventory Costs

Easily Scalable with Unlimited Inventory

Easy to Drop Poor Selling Products

Easy to Introduce & Test New Products,

Product Sourcing From Laptop – No Travel

Easy Access to Marketing Data

Eliminates “The Boss” & No Employees

Eminently Time Flexible, Store Open 24/7

Location Independence, Work Anywhere

No Storage Facilities, No Retail Premises

Earn $$$ Whilst Asleep or on Vacation

Potential Global Marketplace & Shipping

No Packaging & Shipping Your Orders

No Handling Returns No Invoicing Customers

Build Your Own Brand, Label or Store

Building an Asset

Scene 16 (5m 23s)
[Audio] Starting dropshipping minimizes the risk of starting up a business, as your costs are known in advance. There is a low barrier to becoming a dropshipper, as there are no inventory, retail store, or warehousing costs. That means a much lower operating cost and therefore is potentially much more profitable.

Scene 17 (5m 46s)
[Audio] Listing dropshipping products in your online store is easily scalable. Your business can grow as fast as you can list products, and attract buying customers. It’s simple to drop poor-selling products and test and list new products, as you have easy access to up-to-date marketing data. You can easily undertake your product sourcing from your laptop, wherever you’re located.

Listing dropshipping products in your online store is easily scaleable. Your business can grow as fast as you can list products, and attract buying customers. Research Trending Products On Instagram, YouTube, Google & Amazon spocket

Scene 18 (6m 12s)
[Audio] Running your own dropshipping business means that not only have you eliminated the commute to work, you no longer have to work for ” The Man”. No more office politics, and you can get all the gossip you need from Facebook. You also do not need employees, so no more carrying lazy co-workers. If you need additional help it’s much easier to outsource the work to experts and willing workers.

Scene 19 (6m 39s)
[Audio] Having an online business allows you to be location-independent. You can work anywhere that has a reliable internet connection. That could be your home, garden office, or some exotic beachside location. Dropshipping allows you to become a digital nomad if you so desire. Your products are available online 24/7, to anyone anywhere in the world, but you can work as little or as much as you choose. You can earn money just as easily when you’re working on your business, sleeping, or just lazing on the beach.

Scene 20 (7m 16s)
[Audio] You have no physical goods to pack and ship, or handle returns and issue invoices. That’s all done for you by your suppliers. Selected suppliers will even brand your invoices for you, with your business name printed on them.

Scene 21 (7m 33s)
[Audio] Like & Subscribe – Before I tell you the one major advantage of owning your very own dropshipping business that most people overlook, please leave a comment below, and like this video, as it does things to the YouTube algorithm that allows other people to see this video that wouldn’t otherwise see it. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel so that you can be kept updated as to when new content is posted.

Scene 22 (7m 59s)
[Audio] So what’s the one major benefit that most people overlook when setting up any business, especially one as easy to start and operate as dropshipping? Building an asset that you can sell in the future. Every successful business has an end goal of how to exit. Build your brand, label or store, building an asset – why did facebook spend $ 19Billion on buying Whatsapp? They could easily replicate the technology for much less investment but they paid for the brand and their customer base. It was the same when Microsoft bought Skype and Google bought YouTube. Building the software is the easy part, building a brand, reputation, and customer base is where the value lays

Scene 23 (8m 47s)
[Audio] There are two ways to look at your dropshipping business as an asset.

Scene 24 (8m 56s)
[Audio] You are incredibly successful and build a strong business, with good trading figures and a loyal customer base. Another ecommerce business offers you an insane amount of money, to you anyway, to buy your business. You realize it’s a Mafia offer, ” one you can’t refuse” so you gratefully accept. Take the money and run.. either retire or take a sabbatical then start a new business benefiting from all the experience gained to date. You may be excluded from starting a new business in the same niche as the business you just sold, and there may also be a time restriction. Take any time restriction to plan out your future moves…

Scene 25 (9m 39s)
[Audio] The second option is that if, for whatever reasons, your business fails to take off in a big way. You still have internet real estate that you can sell. A domain name, ecommerce store, traffic, etc all have value to someone. There is a huge market where people can buy failed, or failing businesses and turn them around by performing ninja tricks that you weren’t aware of. This way, at least you could recoup your financial investment. I remember reading a story from a very rich and successful magazine magnate that had a failed online business that he eventually closed down, only to be told later that a competitor would have bought that business from him, at a good price, if he’d thought to sell it!

Scene 26 (10m 25s)
[Audio] Now you know all the benefits of running your very own dropshipping business with the support of Spocket. You have decided that this is the business model for you so you need to get started today. Sign up with a free account with Spocket. Utilise the 14 Day Free Trial to do all your research and get off to a flying start.There’s very little downside, and no risk to get started.

Scene 27 (10m 52s)

Get Started Today – Get Your Spocket 14 Day Free Trial with leading US & EU dropshipping product suppliers.

No Risk & Little Downside

Get Started Today - Get Your Spocket 14 Day Free Trial with leading US & EU dropshipping product suppliers.
Get Started Today – Get Your Spocket 14 Day Free Trial with leading US & EU dropshipping product suppliers.

To Your Success,

David James Salvidge

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