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Spring Festival 2022 NFT’s will be released on New Years Eve of the lunisolar New Year. This will be a collection of NFT’s based on the 2022 Spring Festival, commonly referred to in English as Chinese New Year.

This collection will be minted through daVinci on the Harmony blockchain.

Mint NFT’s with daVinci on the Harmony ONE blockchain

It was decided to mint on daVinci Harmony as the gas fees on the Etherium blockchain are ridiculously expensive, often more than the price of the NFT!

Compare daVinci on Harmony ONE blockchain to other NFT platforms like Opensea or Rarible which use the Etherium blockchain.

• Potential Money savings of over $70 per NFT in ETH Gas fees
• Potential Time savings of over 15 mins for processing tx in ETH
• Potential CO2 savings of over 48kg CO2 per NFT created by ETH mining.

Our Spring Festival 2022 collection can be seen by clicking on this link

More NFT’s will be added to the collection as we get nearer to the lunisolar New Year’s Eve, which is on January 31st 2022.

To view a selection of NFT artwork to be produced into NFT’s go to this website Spring Festival NFTs

Here’s another sneak peek…

Year of the Tiger Spring Festival NFT for New Years Eve 2022
.New Years Eve Spring Festival NFT on a Mint Green background

Why Harmony ONE and what is it?

Harmony ONE

Harmony’s development is focused on the idea that no platform has achieved a satisfying degree of balance between decentralization and scalability, as explained in the project’s whitepaper. Harmony uses the ONE token, which you will need to purchase NFT’s on daVinci.

We wish all our Chinese and other friends who celebrate the lunisolar New Year, wherever they are in the world, and invite you all to invest in a Spring Festival NFT from Padco.

Spring Festival 2022 Happy New Year
Happy New Year to you all…
David James Salvidge

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