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Three Months FREE Messenger Trial period for ONE Messenger Sequence taken from the choices listed below:-

  1. Restaurant/cafe/bar Review – View Sequence
  2. Restaurant Table Booking – View Sequence
  3. Gym Offers & Home Fitness – View Sequence

If you have a specific request for a sequence for your business/industry, please let us know and we will consider your idea.

To celebrate the impending arrival of Spring in 2021 we are offering a Three Months FREE Messenger trial of one of our basic sequences, from now until 31st May 2021. The sooner you start the longer you get!

Each sequence will include an link for you to promote on all your advertising. For Example :

You will also be provided with a QR code to promote your sequence at your business or in your advertising/flyers etc.

Three Months FREE Messenger Trial QR Code
Promotional QR Code

You will be provided with a copy of all your Messenger subscribers.

One editing session will be included

We will require the following information, if it’s not already on your Facebook page.

Business Name

Telephone Numbers – Landline & Mobile

email address

Website URL

Full Address – (for directions)

Google Drive or Dropbox address for Gym sequence pdf’s.

You may make the following edits to the sequence provided:-

Change of images – either send us the image url link or post the images to your Facebook page.

Limited text editing – send us your preferred text on Messenger or by email.

Translations to Chinese, Malay, Iban etc.

Translations to Chinese, Malay, Iban or other language can be installed under the following terms:-

You provide a translation we can use to COPY & PASTE by email .

We will build out an additional sequence for each language, with language selection buttons on the main menu.

There will be a one off charge of $100 for each language sequence built, to cover our costs.

We will allow one additional edit after translation. Additional major edits will be billed at $25.

You will be responsible for any errors in language/translation copy.

Your Responsibilities…

You will need to supply the above business information, images and copy.

You will need to grant us admin access to your Facebook page. This is to enable our control panel to access your page, nothing else.

You will need to actively monitor your messenger and email accounts and respond to customer input.

You will need to record a copy of reviews, for future use, and bookings received for email confirmation.

You will be responsible for any Facebook advertising costs connected to your sequences.


Access to these services will be terminated on 31st May 2021, unless an account has been opened up with Borneo Bots to continue the services. Please contact us to arrange a new contract and/or discuss other ways that Messenger Marketing can help your business grow and be way more profitable than almost any other form of marketing.

You may terminate these free services at any time by sending “Terminate” to our Messenger account.

Your services will be automatically terminated if you cancel our page admin access. If we cannot access your page we cannot send sequences.

Upon termination we will send all the information that we have collected to an email account you authorise.

Three Months FREE Messenger Trial is provided by Borneo Bots & Business, a wholly owned subsidiary of Padco Marketing.
Messenger Marketing is provided by Borneo Bots & Business

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Messenger Marketing.

David James Salvidge