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Utilising Messenger For Hotels is the latest marketing method that enables small and medium sized hotels to reach customers directly.

Utilising Messenger For Hotels enables small and medium sized hotels to take direct bookings, and payments, from multiple sources. This frees these businesses from the clutches of expensive OTA’s. Saving on booking fees puts that money right back onto the bottom line, increases price independence and flexibility, and puts you back in control.

Here's Why Messenger Should Have Your Undivided Attention Utilising Messenger For Hotels
Are You Paying Attention?

Messenger allows your business to advertise directly to your target market, with high open rates.

Facebook allows you 24 hours from first interaction to get your message across with multiple conversations. You can delay messages to maximise this window, opening up a new 24 hour window with a new interaction.

Subscribers are obtained as soon as someone clicks “Get Started” on your message. No more “Ethical Bribes” to get their email, just ask for confirmation.

Subscribers name, email and even phone numbers are automatically gathered, (providing that information is on their profile).

Every month, businesses exchange more than 20 billion messages with people on Messenger. Messaging is now a preferred way to talk to a business when it comes to customer service. Some 64% of people across all age groups say they’d rather message a business than phone or email.

Is Your Hotel Getting Involved in Your Customers Move To Messenger?

Below is a Case Study undertaken by a medium sized hotel in Vietnam during 2020. (Names and location have been withheld for privacy.)



The Hotel is a mid-sized hotel situated in the heart of a major tourist city in Vietnam.

The Hotel’s vision is to bring cosy accommodation to visitors who want to experience the local culture. Known as a travel destination worth exploring, this was popular with foreign visitors. The Hotel combined the concept of local lifestyle with a special intimacy that will definitely make you feel like being more at home than hotel.

The Hotel has 62 rooms in total of different types and styles, offering impeccable service and all the essential amenities travellers expect.


The 2020 COVID19 pandemic prevented bookings from foreign visitors, causing The Hotel to change its focus to the national market.

The Hotel’ s booking service was only on it’s website. As they got more traffic, the processing times were delayed and the system often crashed.

The Hotel’ s owner felt that the solution was to operate an automated booking service on Facebook, which is the most popular social media in Vietnam.

Top Messenger Apps by Country and whay you should be Utilising Messenger For Hotels
These are 2018 figures but the latest figure are no different…


The Hotel’s owner knew about Messenger from an article in the local newspaper. He was extremely interested in developing a Messenger chatbot as it fit perfectly his hotels booking requirements.

The Hotel’s staff started building out the chatbot idea in June 2020. The chatbot allows checking availability, giving answers to frequently asked questions with room types, prices and photos.

Messenger then directs customer’s selections through an appointment calendar. The customer can make a reservation quickly inside the chatbot and even pay via PayPal. A confirmation message can be sent by email.

Messenger allows for checking the availability, confirmations and other important messages, all within a single conversation. Our customers get responses directly through Messenger, without having to dig through emails or remember website passwords.


  • The operational costs were cut down to a quarter of 2019 levels
  • The Hotel received 95% positive reviews on their website
  • Bookings doubled in 3 months

To find out how Utilising Messenger For Hotels would benefit your business contact Padco Marketing on Messenger or Here, so that we can start to design a Messenger Sequence to suit your individual needs.

Messenger by the numbers and why you should be Utilising Messenger For Hotels
Currently Messenger has nearer 2 Billion People using Messenger each month..

To Your Success in 2021,

David James Salvidge
David James Salvidge