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About Padco Marketing, and it’s founder, with reference to recent events in 2020 and 2021 and where we are going from here on…

Padco Marketing specialises in helping businesses take loyal followers off the algortihms and into email & SMS inboxes that only they control!

Who am I (or who we are) and why should you care?

Well, I’m a 67-year-old ex-pat Englishman who, until mid-2020, was actively planning my retirement. Then, as you are all aware, life abruptly changed. Panic spread. Lockdowns were introduced, only for a short while, for our own good of course, then we can get back to normal. Well, we all know how that worked out or didn’t.

In my own case my physical business, which funded my lifestyle, suffered and has spent the last year in intensive care. The prognosis is not good. We relied on foreign labour and they all went home before international travel became virtually impossible. The local people either have jobs, work their own farms, or are not interested in hard work, which it is! As any gardener knows, weeds grow faster than crops, especially here in the tropics. The jungle is slowly taking over and I can’t fight it on my own, it’s just too big a task now. Plus with nobody to harvest, it seems pointless to put in the hard work to keep the trees clear.

I have always dabbled with internet marketing since the days of AOL dial-up and Windows 95 when it really was the World Wide Wait! So in August 2020, I decided that I needed to concentrate on building my retirement income on the internet rather than physically working hard in the tropical heat and humidity.

There began a journey that has led me down many cul de sacs. I bought courses from so-called experts that left me only a little wiser, but decidedly poorer. I have built websites from Html, on the dreaded WordPress, and lately on Groove. I tried Clickfunnels and funnel hacking, looked into e-commerce and dropshipping, even affiliate marketing. Getting good quality targeted traffic is always the greatest problem for budding internet entrepreneurs. The only area where I now see some promise is to help businesses utilise their traffic on Instagram. I did try to crack the local Facebook Messenger market, but when every local business uses Whatsapp for free, and Messenger is more complicated, that didn’t work out well either.

More about Padco Marketing

Using the same software platform, but enhanced by new rules instigated in June 2021, for automating DM’s this is a service that every business needs. With an estimated 70% of all businesses having a presence on Instagram, it has been calculated that there are some 120 Million business accounts in need of assistance to automate DM’s.

The culture of using DM’s on Instagram is much greater than that of using Messenger on Facebook. DM’s are also much easier to respond to than Messenger. in fact the whole culture of Instagram is much more responsive than Facebook.

Until August 2021 it was not easy to officially automate DM’s, generate followers and generally build a sustainable business. There were plenty of dodgy schemes to game the system and build a following, which worked in the early days. These systems did build huge followings for many accounts, but most of those followers were ghosts. These same schemes will now get your account banned, and any shady practices get you a shadowban.

To be able to generate a good income from Instagram these days you don’t need hundreds of thousands of followers. I know of an influencer with well over 1 million followers who couldn’t even sell her own tee-shirts! I also know a guy with around 20k followers who did $50k in sales in less than a month with a giveaway, and no advertising!

The ease with which businesses on Instagram can now not only gather email addresses and phone numbers from automated sequences but almost any other type of information they need to market their products, brands, or services. The whole world of segmentation marketing is now open to them. With an end goal in mind and carefully thought out questions businesses can now obtain detailed information about their followers and then target those people with information and offers specific to their needs.

This is game-changing!

I’d be surprised if there are any businesses on the internet that wouldn’t benefit from Instagram Automation. It really is a win-win situation. The loyal followers are identified and their data collected so that they can be served much better. No more trying to interest left-handed golfers with right-handed clubs! If the business offers up what the customer actually wants and needs they are happier and become more loyal. The business gains more engagement, more sales, and more income, without having to spend money on ads!

Automated sequences can be written to fulfill each business’s specific requirements, as no two businesses are the same. To understand how this new service can help your Instagram or Facebook account, we would need to talk with you and get an understanding of what you expect from your business so that we can build sequences for you to achieve those goals with little or no extra effort on your part. Book a call with me and let us show you what DM Automation can do for your business.

That gives you some idea about Padco Marketing. Contact us here if you have any questions, or use the Social Media and Messenger links below.

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David James Salvidge